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The Concrete Cows in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire


The Concrete Cows were created in 1978 by Canadian born artist, Liz Leyh.
Over the years the cows have been the victims of all sorts of abuse including kidnapping
(and being held to ransom), crazy paint jobs and wanton acts of vandalism.

Concrete Cows MK All Aboard Concrete Cows MK Leg Up

Concrete Cows MK All Aboard
In the winter of 1979 the Concrete Cows were the victims of a bunch of feckless idiots who taunted, humiliated and abused them in a way like no others had done before, they even incurred the indignity of being used as shelters to hide behind while a snowball fight took place.

Eventually for protection purposes the original concrete cows were
relocated to Milton Keynes Shopping Centre until they were herded
up in 2016 and moved to the Museum of Milton Keynes.

The concrete cows currently on display in the wild are replicas!
Concrete Cows MK My Leige
Concrete Cows Milton Keynes
The replicas are at the original location just off the A422 (Monks Way), however it is a bugger to park anywhere near them. A fleeting glimpse is available for Train Travellers using the West Coast Main Line.
Concrete Cows Milton Keynes

Concrete Cows MK Thirsty Work Concrete Cows MK Ooo Thats not Nice

No animals either real or concrete were harmed in the
generation of this webpage although Roxy (the doggy next door)
is living on borrowed time, let me tell you.

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